About us

Scanditale is an international team, this give us a complet view about design.We focus in all tradictionl element of china. Basicaly we take inspiration of our projects from chinese Tradiction, Culture, History, Nature and life and we mix with scandinevian style. All our design strat from a deep study of chinese lines and object for sponsored all the elementes that makes this country one of the powerfull nation of the planet with the obiective to shere this in all world.




The studio borned in 2014 when we realized to have the necessity to bring the Pillars of our nation in all the world. Infact as long ago we need to rediscover our tradiction and keep safe from the time. This does not mean stopping development and growth, but it is precisely from these elements and their history that they allow us to improve and develop everything that surrounds us.





Therfor all of our projects are based on the development of traditional line with a touch of modern style. This combination is waht makes our a fresh new design and load of meanings.