Our Story

Our Values


We believe in the extraordinary power of diversity with culture and heritage.


We seek excellence that results from passion and persistence.

Simplicity and functionality

We want to influence the quality of life through simple and functional design.


We explore new methods,materials and technologies to improve our design process and products.


We take responsibility of nature and ensure all products are environmentally sustainable.

Our Vision

Thoughtful,collaborative andlasting cre-actions of patternsand their products

have the abilityto enhance the quality of life for those who use it.

Our Story

Scanditale Design Houseis dedicated to creating high quality Scandinavian

inspired designs.

After living in Sweden for over twenty years, I returned to China

and would like to share the Scandinavian lifestyle with our friends here.

Combining experience and passion about both Chinese culture and Nordic designs,

our team is composed of Chinese descendants and students residing in Sweden

and friends who share the same values and interests in design.

Together we are sharing our experiences and introducing classic Nordic products

to those who are interested in the Scandinavian lifestyle.

We are also looking for talented minds and their designs

and looking to provide the best Nordic designed products

with high quality international services.

Our Adress & Contact


No.43,Tower A,Chuang E Hui Gu,No.777 West Zhongguan Road,Zhenhai District,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province,China.

TEL:13306744051       www.scanditale.com

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