Our collection are made follow a deep concept, because we belive in the power of design. We using our project for spread the Triction of china.

A product of the combination of Chinese and western cultures, the “Artemisia” series designs were inspired by the plant artemisia annua, from where 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine Prize Winner Youyou Tu extracted artemsinin from. I have combined Western design elements with my unique standpoint as a returnee to China to create designs to represent my love for China. Along with the perspective of the younger generations, we have formed many unique designs that we still seek to patent, using the artemisia leaf. We will continue to make new designs and products incorporating the artemisia leaf in our mission to admire and spread Chinese traditional culture.

Science and Technology
We alwayse glad to collaborate with busines that have same goal of our mission. This project was made in collaboration with “Science and Technology Museum of Beijing”, we study all the element that characterize our custumer designing pattern for the object for them shop.
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Montain & Water
In this design there is all shapes of china. Infact the project, keep ispired from the tradictional and characterize shape of china landscape. We designed many products where we applied this pattern design in different colour and form. check it all the products in our shop!